In order to help to improve the artistic and technique skills of young musicians and in collaboration with different universities and private patrons, Dr. Alanis was able to create the Allegra International Music Festival. This festival appears in different fashions: Master Classes, Music Festival and Camp. It offers lessons, workshops, conferences that cover different areas of the music life including the physical, mental and artistic areas, that nowadays, artists require.

Recently Allegra created at partnership with Festival Internacional Naolinco. 

Cuarteto Chroma

String Quartet winner of the Second Place in the National String Quartet Competition and two first places in different chamber music competition and festivals. The Chroma quartet members musicians are: Ilya Ivanov (violin-viola), Carlos Quijano (violin), Manuel Cruz (Cello) y Félix Alanís (violin-viola). The quartet members currently work as professors in different institutions and in national and international festivals like Willamette University Oregon, EUA and University Pernambucana in Recife, Brasil and their own Universities.

Performer Recital

Dr. Alanis has performed in different universities and venues around the world. Presentations are more directed to soloist concerts or classic music recitals, but are not exclusive to this particular style of music.

These performances require a especial preparation and pre music choice. It can be performed alone or ina chamber music group.
It can also be combine with a master class, workshop or a conference. 

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